Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's Here! Scars of War Release Day!

So it's finally the release day for the newest book in the Modern Tales of Na Fianna series--Scars of War! I am so excited to share this one with everyone as I think it's a pretty fun and heartfelt story and will let readers get to better know some of my personal favorite characters in the series.

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Release Day Deals!

Giveaway: For the celebration of the release, I am giving away, no strings attached, e-copies of Books 1&2 (Blood Ties and An Earthly King) to anyone who comments on this blog post (Just like I did for the cover reveal.

Buy now, get the whole series!: I am also running a deal where everyone who buys the book in either form from now until September 5th can get the first two books as e-copies free! That way people who have not gotten to read the series yet can have all the books for either the price of one e-copy or one paperback!

Just email me at or message me through my Goodreads Profile and I will provide free coupon codes for Smashwords. 


Also check out all the fun stuff I've added to the blog, including the Ciran's Company blog button that you are more than welcome to put on your blog and the Modern Tales of Na Fianna tab with purchase links and info for the series. I also have the Blood Ties book trailer and the playlists I made for both Blood Ties and An Earthly King linked on there, so check that out!


Also, any bloggers who would like to take part in the Scars of War Blog Tour that will be from September 18th-30th please email me!


  1. WHOO! Congrats on the release! I'M SO EXCITED!! :D *goes to share about it* Also, I love the new page! *adopts a Ciran's Company button before you can say Finar*

  2. I'm so excited for this book! I found out about the series a few days ago during the blog tour, and I got hooked. I can't wait until Scars of War shows up on Amazon.