I'm Hazel B. West, a self published author who currently has five published titles Freedom Come All Ye, Ballad of the Highwayman, On a Foreign Field, and By Blood or By Bond (along with it's companion backstories) and A Case of Poisons the first book in my Anthony Maxwell mystery series. I love English, Scottish and Irish history, and use my research to write historical novels. 

Apart from being a writer, I love to read, sketch, listen to music as well as play my instruments, and drink coffee. I'm a history buff and bibliophile and would love to hike in the mountains if I didn't live in Florida. 

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  1. Hi Hazel, hope this finds you well.
    I’m nominating you for the Liebster award. The rules are posted on my blog in the link below.

    Wish you all the best :)

  2. Gracious...I love that picture of you! :)

    1. Haha, thanks, that was the one I did for my Steampunk novel :)