Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What to Look Forward to In Scars of War (feat. actual lines from the book)

It's almost release day for Scars of War! but in preparation for that, I thought I would share with you a little of what you have to look forward to when reading it--so I essentially just picked out some of the most random lines I could when I did my final read through. Hopefully this actually doesn't have adverse effects XD

Introducing: Actual Quotes from Scars of War
(Bonus points for anyone who can guess who said what)

"But isn't it better to have creases in your skin than to be captured by a man of ill repute?"


"Warriors with babies, all of them warming milk and changing nappies. It's enough to make you weep at the strength of their loyalty."


"I swear, if I never see a patty pie again it will be too soon."


"Well, I have to agree that, apart from the match-making--which you really have a problem with, by the way--it is a good idea."


"You know those sweet, cavity inducing cuddle sessions you like to imbibe in in the library with your ladylove? Gone, if you don't have a nanny."


"Oh sure, they might knit blankets and act all fuzzy and protective, but as soon as the first nappy change comes up there will be no loyalty left in the garrison."


"Meat Stix--with an X? How do I know this is even meat? Never trust products where they purposefully misspell a word."


"Two pints and a Shirley Temple for the Faerie Princess."


"Do not take liberties with my muffin tops, woman!"


"Is it Plan M for manly or musk?"


"Now that you have been enlightened by the power of love, can we go defeat evil?"


"Great, now all I can smell is feet."


And there's also some of this:

And some of this:

And this:

Oh yeah, and also this:

So join me tomorrow for the official release! I'm running a giveaway for the first two books as e-copies for anyone who comments, but I'm also running a deal where if you buy Scars of War in either paperback or e-copy you can email me for free e-copies of the first two books as well ^_^ So either way, you have a chance to get the first two books free so if you haven't read them yet, you should do that, because look at all this insanity! 


  1. "apart from the match-making--which you really have a problem with"
    ^This has to be Eamon talking to Killian. XD

    "Never trust products where they purposefully misspell a word."
    ^THIS IS GLORIOUS. And so true. :P

    "Do not take liberties with my muffin tops, woman!"
    ^I don't even know what this is but I love it. XD

    OH MY WORD, THOSE GIFS GIVE ME LIFE. XDDDD I'm sooo looking forward to how they fit into this story. :D EEP. (I know the Armani is Oberon. XD Also ROADTRIP! YAAAAS! :D)

    Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited for this booook! ^_^

    1. Haha, well, obviously, Killian has a matchmaking problem ;) I'm glad this has intrigued you!