Wednesday, May 24, 2017

April 2017 Wrap up and Book Haul

My April wrap up and combined March/April book haul. Didn't read a lot of books, but got writing done, so I'm not complaining :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Little Box of Fandoms Update!

So A while back, I talked about my new Etsy store that I was about to open. Since then, everyone who follows my social media has probably seen the stuff I've gotten up in the store but I thought I would post a little about it here, now that I have multiple items in the shop.

First off, since this week is the finale of Supernatural Season 12 I'm running a 10% off coupon for my shop, so if you see something you like, this is the time to get it! Just use the code: BABY1967 at checkout =)

So, here's just a few items that are in the shop right now:

The Bookish Box

The Jane Austen Box

The Hobbit Box

Rogue One Kyber Crystal Necklace

BBC Merlin Scarves

BBC Sherlock and John Friendship Necklaces

So stop by and check it out! I'm always adding new items so come follow the shop, and also the other social media involved:


Also check out this unboxing my friend Mara did of the Bookish Box on her Youtube channel!