Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Sweet Vendetta Blues Release Day!

 It's The official release day for Sweet Vendetta Blues! All versions of the book except the Hardcovers which are still only available as a preorder, are now available!

(Open through October 2nd)

(for those who don't have a kindle)

Get your copy today! And don't forget to send in your swag claim form to get your swag pack! (This will be open through the end of October)

If you buy a copy now, I will be signing hardcovers, bookplates, and bookmarks or character cards for anyone who sends in swag forms LIVE on my Instagram sometime in October!

Also...we finally have actual pictures of the hardcovers!

Monday, September 26, 2022

Ask Jack and Sebastian


Jack and Sebastian have volunteered their time to answer your questions about the book, their lives, or whatever else you might be curious about. Leave your questions in the comments or submit your questions on Instagram 

The post with their answers will be going up Friday!



Join in on the official Release Tour for Sweet Vendetta Blues!


Monday Sep 26th

Tour Intro here at Character Purgatory (this post!)

IG Spotlight @nickichapelwayauthor


Tuesday Sep 27th

Release Day!

 Review at The Bluestocking Biblio Buttery

 IG Spotlight at @deborahocarroll

Jack and Sebastian Q&A Opens on IG @modern_bard67 And here on Character Purgatory


Wednesday Sep 28th

IG Spotlight at @sarah.taleweaver

IG Spotlight at @brshutt

Ebook Giveaway starts at @onemorechap


Thursday Sep 29th

Review at @idreamofcraftz

Blog Post: "Designing a Character" Here at Character Purgatory


Friday Sep 30th

Author and Character Interview at Dreams and Dragons

Guest Post at Bluestocking Biblio Buttery

Review at @mannyroborovski

(Each spotlight will have a different excerpt from the book, so make sure to check them all out!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s been eight years since Jack left his life in the mafia. Eight years since his adopted father was murdered. Eight years since his own brother shot him in revenge and he had to go into hiding, nothing but a dead man.


When the past comes back to haunt him in the worst way possible, Jack is forced to leave his new life as a homicide detective to flee his faceless enemy, leaving a dead partner in his wake. But the bodies keep piling up and Jack can no longer avoid his past when he finds out that all of the deaths turn out to be connected to one person—The Don of Rosa Nera.


Things get even more complicated when his brother shows up out of the blue, leading his own investigation with information that their adopted father, Paccioretti, had gathered before his death. Despite their turbulent past, Jack and Sebastian decide it’s in their best interests to join forces and fight against the enemy who took so much away from them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Sweet Vendetta Blues Hardcover Preorder Link

Prequel Backstories


Also don't forget to also check out the hardcover special edition preorder of The New Emperor's Concerto!

Concerto Hardcover Preorder Link

Swag is up for grabs! Any copy you buy qualifies! If you buy a paperback or ebook, just fill out the claim form and you will receive your swag around mid to late October (hardcover preorders come with the swag already) US or International

I am also going to be holding a live book signing and Q&A on my Instagram live when I get the hardcovers from the preorders in, so if you'd like the chance to have me personally sign and book or bookplate for you, make sure to get a copy now! I will be announcing the actual date as soon as I have a better idea of when the hardcovers will arrive. But it will probably be sometime during mid to late October.

I hope you'll check out the rest of the tour! Stop by daily and make sure to check out all the posts!

Tuesday, September 13, 2022



In addition to the hardcover, the Ebook version of Sweet Vendetta Blues is now available for Pre-order! The paperback will be available later this month as well, but Amazon doesn't let you put paperbacks up for pre-order so it will be just a little bit longer for that one.

You can order your preferred copy below!

Hardcover Preorder (Open through October 2nd)
Smashwords (for those who don't have a kindle)

If you order an ebook or paperback, don't forget to claim your pre-order swag! All you have to do is send your proof of purchase (a screenshot of your order receipt is fine) to this form and I will send you your swag pack! (If you have preordered the hardcover, your swag will come with your book)

Just a reminder that this will be the only opportunity to get a hardcover version of this book. I don't know if I will have any extra copies after the preorder is over, so if you want to guarantee you get one, please make sure to order before October 2nd! 

What's different between the paperback and the hardcover? These will be signed personally by me and personalized if you wish! The hardcover also contains 10 pages of full color character art by me. You can also remove the dust jacket and still have a copy that will look nice on your shelf.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Sweet Vendetta Blues COVER REVEAL!

 It's finally time to reveal the Cover for Sweet Vendetta Blues!

Without further ado:

It’s been eight years since Jack left his life in the mafia. Eight years since his adopted father was murdered. Eight years since his own brother shot him in revenge and he had to go into hiding, nothing but a dead man.


When the past comes back to haunt him in the worst way possible, Jack is forced to leave his new life as a homicide detective to flee his faceless enemy, leaving a dead partner in his wake. But the bodies keep piling up and Jack can no longer avoid his past when he finds out that all of the deaths turn out to be connected to one person—The Don of Rosa Nera.


Things get even more complicated when his brother shows up out of the blue, leading his own investigation with information that their adopted father, Paccioretti, had gathered before his death. Despite their turbulent past, Jack and Sebastian decide it’s in their best interests to join forces and fight against the enemy who took so much away from them.


Set in the same world as The New Emperor’s Concerto this new novel by Hazel B. West contains the overarching theme of family woven throughout a noir adventure with a cross-country road trip for information and justice. 

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What do you all think? 

Along with the cover reveal today, I'm also extremely excited to share that the pre-orders for the hardcover editions of Sweet Vendetta Blues AND The New Emperor's Concerto are now live! (The paperback and e-book versions of SVB are going to be available for preorder soon as well)

The kindle and paperback editions of Concerto have also been re-edited, and though they don't include the character art, if you would rather have a paperback or ebook copy, you can still get some swag if you buy either before the end of September! (Paperback orders will recieve a signed bookplate along with the rest of the swag!) All you have to do is send proof of purchase to me through THIS FORM

I am also running a giveaway for a signed copy of the prequel bind-up on my Instagram this week so hop over there and enter for a chance to win!

Also don't forget to grab the Ko-Fi goodies this month and check out the Concerto Draw or Color this in Your Style Challenge!

Monday, August 29, 2022

Concerto DTIYS Challenge!



During the lead up for the 2nd edition and Hardcover release of The New Emperor's Concerto, I'm hosting a DTIYS challenge!

How To Enter

For this challenge, you can either draw Flynn and Lysander in your own style, or, if that's not your thing, you can download the coloring page version! The coloring page can be printed out, or used as a transparent PNG so you can color it digitally. 

For those doing your own art, feel free to change up Lysander and Flynn's poses, outfits, etc. (Cosplay is allowed too!) You can even draw them interacting with your own characters, as long as your picture includes either Lysander, Flynn, or both.

I'll be picking a random artist from the entries who will receive a swag pack (including the Concerto sticker sheet that will be available only as a pre-order goodie) And EVERYONE who enters will be allowed to request a doodle from me for your participation ^_^

This challenge will be shared on Instagram (or Twitter if you don't have an IG account)
Make sure to use the hashtag #concertodtiys and tag me @modern_bard67 on IG or @artfulscribbler on Twitter in your post and/or stories to make sure I see it. Please share my original drawing as a slide when you post as well. If you don't want to share publicly, you can DM me your submission, it will still count.

This challenge will run until October 1st so you have a month to finish your piece!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Monday, August 22, 2022

Sweet Vendetta Blues Prequel Backstories Now Available!

 They're here! You can now grab your own copies of the 2 prequel backstories to get yourself in the mood for the release of Sweet Vendetta Blues!

After his sister is taken by traffickers, Leone Paccioretti has made it his mission to figure out a way to protect the children of New York City. And how does he plan to achieve that? By joining the local mafia, Rosa Nera, so he can be closer to the corrupt upper echelons of society. When the current Capo recruits him into his ranks, Leone finds himself going from an orphan on the streets, to a member of one of the most powerful organizations in the country. The only question is, will he be able to achieve his dreams of making the city a safer place, or will his sacrifices all be for nothing in the end?

Jack has made a new life for himself as a budding homicide detective in a small town in New Mexico, but it’s harder to let go of the past than he realized. Faced with a friendly new partner and an apparent vigilante murder case the first week on the job, Jack tries to put his past behind him and focus on the future. After all, there’s no going back to his old life now, so maybe it’s time to look for a little redemption. 

Amazon Kindle


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These are also available as a paperback bind up if you prefer physical copies!

The Butler's Story (which is the New Emperor's Concerto backstory featuring Sinclair) has also gotten an edit and a new face, so if you haven't read it yet, grab a copy now!

Thursday, August 18, 2022

COMING SOON! New Prequel Stories and Sweet Vendetta Blues Cover Reveal


To give you all something to read in the lead-up to the Sweet Vendetta Blues release, I'm going to be releasing two prequel short stories to give you a little look into the missing pasts of the characters. 

These will be available Monday August 22nd, both as ebooks and as a paperback bind-up. 

I will also be doing the cover reveal for Sweet Vendetta Blues on September 6th! I'm really excited to share what I've been working on with you guys so make sure you pop over here that day.

If you would like to join the cover reveal team to share it on your blogs and social media, sign up here with this form. I have a lot to share that day both for SVB and also about the Concerto hardcover, so I'm hoping to get as many people as possible to sign up for the cover reveal!

And finally, if you have not yet ordered your August goodies, go grab them! These Jack and Sebastian chibi stickers are exclusive to ko-fi supporters only, and you will also have the chance to read the first of the flashback chapters from SVB where we get to see Jack meet Paccioretti for the first time.

Get Yours Here!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

COVER REVEAL! A Solstice of Fire and Light by Angela R. Watts

Very excited to be sharing a cover reveal for a new fantasy book by Angela R. Watts today! 

Look how beautiful this is! 

Dionne, a Gifted nomad princess, hunts the warlocks that kidnapped her brother. 

Nnamdi, a popular caravan fighter, wishes to be freed from his sins. 

After they break out of prison together and spare each other in a death match, there’s no turning back… So they board a pirate ship and hunt the Order.

When Dionne learns that the wizards that took her brother have also taken child slaves and hides them all away in her kingdom, she creates a plan with the pirates to infiltrate the Order… But when Dionne reaches the kingdom, she will be sacrificed to the gods on winter solstice.

Swept in a world of deadly magic, Nnamdi swears his protection to Dionne… But then he learns she is a princess and that her fate is sealed at the hands of a jealous wizard. Nnamdi must break his chains and unleash his Gift like never before… Or lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

For lovers of slow-burn romance and fast-paced fantasy, get your next binge-read with one click! This standalone novel is perfect for readers who want a clean, swoon-worthy fantasy romance with high stakes and faith-elements.

Author’s note: this novel is suitable for ages 16+ due to dark themes and violence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Angela is also doing a kickstarter for this book so if you're interested in checking that out and helping to reach the stretch goals for a special edition hardcover, I highly suggest taking a look!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


ANGELA R. WATTS is the bestselling and award-nominated author of The Infidel Books and the Remnant Trilogy. She has over 22 works in print. When she’s not writing, Angela enjoys freelance editing, homesteading, and art. She lives in Tennessee with her family and many pets.

You can find her Here

Website (And Newsletter)






Thursday, August 4, 2022

August Supporter Goodies are Now Available!


New Goodie pack up on ko-fi! 

This month, for the digital goodie, you get the chance to read the first flashback chapter from Sweet Vendetta Blues. This is the one in which Jack first meets Leone Paccioretti, the mafioso who takes him in.

And for the physical goodies, we have the Jack and Sebastian chibi stickers (die cut vinyl) as well as bookmarks featuring the art from the SVB backstories that will be out later this month, as well as the new Butler's Story art (an updated edition of which will be republished along with the SVB backstories)

Monday, August 1, 2022

Short Story Jam 2022


It's official! The Short Story Jam will be starting this week on Thursday! The discord is now live so get signed up now to join in the fun!

The Jam will be a week long and you'll have the opportunity to share your writing ideas and run sprints with fellow writers! 

For more information, check out the document HERE

To sign up, please fill out this short form HERE

Share this will all of your writer friends! I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Catch me on a Live Art Stream this week!


I'm going to be doing a live art stream on Instagram Friday so I hope you'll all stop by! Claire Banschbach is going to be joining me to talk about her new release Greywolf's Heart and I'll be doing fanart of her boys as well as working on some of my character art for Sweet Vendetta Blues. So start thinking of some questions for us!

The Stream will be held on my account HERE

Also, don't forget that this is the last week to get the July goodies from ko-fi! These will not be available again, and grabbing some will help me out with the cost of publication

Get your goodies HERE!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Short Story Jam! (Upcoming Event)


I'm currently organizing a writing event and I am looking for people interested in joining! 

What is a writing jam? This is a challenge that would take place over a period of 48 hours to a week where you get together with other writers and write a short story in that amount of time. Think of it like a mini NaNoWriMo, but instead of a word count goal, it's a time limit so it's up to you whether you want to write a 500 word story or a 5000 word one.


TBD but either the first or second week of August



Our Discord Server: Short Story Jam 2022 ( link coming soon)


How Long? 

From the currently gathered info, we’re probably looking at a week long Jam, possibly with a 3 day writing period and the first part of the week allotted to plotting time, but this might change the more feedback we get.


What am I doing?

For this Jam, you will be writing a short story in the allotted time. 


How do I join?

Let me know you would like to join in by contacting me through Instagram (@modern_bard67) or just filling out the form with your socials.


Read more Info, FAQs, and Rules HERE


Get your opinion in and help us solidify our plans by filling out the interest form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18Ex7OmZfanMos-8N0JrhtJJ9H3HwDWTDZVCGmxBhHCs/edit

Please share this among your writer friends! The more people we get the more fun this will be!

Sunday, July 10, 2022

New Goodies Available!

 Help support the Sweet Vendetta Blues and New Emperor's Concerto 2nd edition release by getting subscriber goodies on Ko-fi.

It's no secret that publishing takes a lot of time, and can also be rather pricy. I am hoping to offer more options for all of the books, including availability, and other versions (like hardcovers!) and to do so, there will be launching costs.

So I've started offering goodies to anyone who supports me on Ko-fi. There will be new goodies each month, both physical and digital, including sneak peeks of SVB, character art, stickers, prints, bookmarks, and more! 

If you are interested, this is what I am offering for July:

Also, I want to point out that this is not actually a monthly subscription. I will just be uploading a different set of goodies each month (for $6) and you will purchase it through the Ko-Fi shop feature. The reason I decided to do this is because I'm not sure if I will continue doing monthly goodies after SVB is published, and I didn't want people to subscribe and then not get something after several months of support. Instead, this gives you the opportunity to support me for whichever month you would like to. 

All of these goodies ARE exclusive to my Ko-Fi monthly supporters though and will not be available as swag at a later date; once the month is over, these will not be available anymore. 

If you're interested and would like to help support an indie author, you can get your set of July's goodies HERE 

The chapters of SVB will be sent out to whatever email you use when you pay on Ko-Fi within a couple days, and the sticker and character cards will be sent out around mid July and then if I get more supporters, another batch at the end of the month.

Thanks for checking this out, and I am really looking forward to sharing more about Blues with you!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Coming Soon!


Keep an eye out because starting in July, I'm going to have a lot of stuff coming involving my upcoming book Sweet Vendetta Blues. This is a companion story set in the same universe as New Emperor's Concerto and set in America. 

Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Dìlseachd - A Stolen Crown COVER REVEAL!


A forgotten princess

A stolen crown

One chance to reclaim the kingdom

I'm back with another cover reveal, this time for the first book in Cheyenne van Langevelde's new series, Princess of the Highlands.

Book One--Dìlseachd - A Stolen  Crown -- will be releasing on September 23rd 2022 but today we get to see the cover for the first time, and it looks so beautiful! I for one am definitely excited since I love Scottish history and fantasy.


Six years since the Danes invaded Scotland, slaying her finest men. 

Five since the Highland King married one of the enemy, betraying his countrymen and losing the Lowlanders’ support. 

Three since the king died and the Danes imprisoned the remaining blood heir to the throne.

Her crown stolen, her country desolated, Fiona McCurragh now faces the looming threat of execution. 

The Lowlanders, weary of enemy rule, seek to free their stolen homeland. With the aid of a blind harper, they attempt to rescue their Highland princess when the Danes ride in on Lowlander territory, shattering the fragile peace. The Scots are left with no choice except to launch a war in the face of the coming winter. If they do not attack now, the Scots—and their princess—may not live to see the spring. 

In the face of despair, Fiona McCurragh finds courage in friendship with two chief’s sons. Yet conflict lies on more than one side, and for some of the Scots and their allies, loyalty no longer has any meaning.

You can now preorder the book and submit your proof of purchase to THIS FORM for preorder goodies!

Hardback (coming soon)
Paperback (coming soon)

“Men donnae die fer something they donnae believe in. Because we risk it, then it must be worth it in the end. Should that no’ give us hope?”