Monday, August 21, 2017

Na Fianna Book Three Cover/Title Reveal! (And Giveaway!)

It's finally here! The cover and title revel for Book Three of the Modern Tales of Na Fianna (and a long time coming too, since the title did not want to happen for some reason). But without further ado, here it is!

Title: Scars of War (Modern Tales of Na Fianna Book Three)
Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy, mythology/folklore

Release Date: August 31st


After the events on Samhain Eve things have calmed down for High King Eamon and his Fianna. The Unseelie Court is under new rule, and Eamon is happily married—and with an heir on the way! But just when it seems like things couldn’t be better, reports of changelings keep coming into BPAFF (Bureau of Protection Against Fair Folk). With the risk of children being changed out in their cribs, especially when a royal heir is weeks from being born, Eamon enlists the help of Aeden Mac Cool, Commander of Na Fianna, and Cassandra Whalen, Director of BPAFF, to deal with the threat before it escalates. Riots, Faerie rebels, and road trips with the King of the Unseelie—it’s just a typical day, right?

This cover features Cass and Aeden. Cass is one of the POV characters in this book, and I'm looking forward to what people think of her. 

Another fun thing for the cover reveal: I did a time-lapse video while painting it, so you can check that out!

Read an Excerpt!

After lunch we hit the road and made our way to Carlow, which was about an hour’s drive from the coast.
            “There have been more changeling problems this year than usual,” Rory was saying as we went along. “After we got that one last month, I thought I remembered seeing several more case files from earlier in the year.”
            I frowned. I hadn’t remembered there being more, but then, most of the case files and reports were just things I heard about while I was working on something else and signed off on before handing over to Rory. That was why I had him after all, to handle the paperwork, so I took his word to be correct. “If that’s the case, then we need to get to the bottom of this. It’s probable they are all isolated occurrences, and there are simply more of them due to rogue Fae after all the upheaval that has gone on in the Faelands and the Courts in the last couple years, but if there’s anything to it, we need to find out before it escalates.”
            “Maybe we just need to reiterate the importance of warding,” Rory suggested. “People have gotten a bit slack with the new treaties made, but they don’t understand that Faeries are still going to do Faerie things, even if they are technically our allies. And it’s really the Lesser Fae who do these things anyway, and most of them are still as yet unattached to any Court.”
            “True,” I nodded. “It wouldn’t be a bad idea to work on a few new PSAs or, heaven help us, start some new classes. I don’t think teaching Faerie protection at a lamaze class would be any easier than trying to beat stranger danger into a selkie’s one track mind.”
            Once we got to Carlow I pulled into the BPAFF station and we found Connell’s secretary there, waiting for us.
            “He had to go track the kelpie but he said to give you the file for the changeling case,” she said, and handed me a manila folder. I quickly flipped through it but saw nothing out of the ordinary.
            “Thanks, do you have directions to the house?”
            As we got on the road again to go pay the family a visit, Rory read through the file for me.
            “The Dempsey family: two kids—twin boys, age four. Apparently last week one, Tomas, got up in the morning and proceeded to eat almost all the food in the pantry, which was likely indication enough, but he’s been bad-tempered and naughty, even for a four-year-old, and the parents can’t do anything to control him.”

            “Sounds like a routine changeling case,” I said as I pulled off down the private drive toward a quaint little yellow farmhouse that looked as peaceful as could be. I noticed as I parked the Land Rover though, that the back property, though fenced in, backed up against a wood. I had a feeling that was exactly where the Faeries had come in. I saw someone had strung bells on the gate as well as some bunches of rowan, but whether that had been there previously or was a new addition, I couldn’t tell. In any case, I knew it wasn’t going to keep out any Faerie determined enough to get in.
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  1. "Faeries are still going to do Faerie things, even if they are technically our allies." <-- I LOVE THIS. XD

    And oh my goodness, the time-lapse video!! :O SO COOL! That was super fun to watch. Thanks for sharing the process! <3

    So stoked for Scars of War! It's going to be epic, I just know it! :D

  2. (And, naturally, I have the books so I'm not entering the giveaway, just commenting because I'm excited. XD)

    1. Hehe, well, I'm glad you're excited and that you enjoyed the excerpts and such :) Thanks!

  3. Sorry I'm late. I'm away from my usual position and thus limited to a fussy computer tablet.

    Anyway, wonderful cover! The premise of this book sounds ridiculously fun.

    1. Thanks, Joseph, I hope you'll enjoy the story!