Friday, March 8, 2019

Five Actors Who Would Have Made Better Doctors than 13

Exactly what the title says. Five actors who would have been a better choice than turning the Doctor into a woman. I think ratings can attest to how well that went over.

1. Eddie Redmayne 

This boy would be perfect in the role of a Doctor, he can act all the wacky stuff, wear period clothing and he can totally rock the hair. Not only that but he's pretty cute too.

2. Steve Coogan

He's funny, he looks good in multiple time periods, and has that charming eccentricity of a traditional Doctor. Plus he's a very well known British actor who hasn't done much British stuff so let's give him a quintessential British role.

3. Bertie Carvel

He can play a crazy eccentric magician in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell which is perfect to go on your resume when playing the Doctor. Plus, also the crazy hair.

And because at this point, they may as well make him an American, here are a couple American actors who would make fantastic Doctors.

4. Matthew Grey Gubler

Not only does he play a geeky super genius/cinnamon roll on TV he pretty much is one in real life. And would probably make a better Doctor than quite a few Brits (sacrilege!)

5. Misha Collins

We don't want him to be pulled away from Supernatural  yet but if Doctor Who is still running after SPN finishes then we know someone who looks great in a trench coat and tie.


We really just should have David Tennent Back but as a ginger this time...


  1. Ah, Hazel, I’ve been watching this show since it started in the 60s(yes! That old!) and I was prepared to judge the newest series on the merits of the storylines. We had already been prepared for changes of gender among Timelords anyway, the most obvious being the Master’s change to Missy. The first episode of the new series was shown at my local cinema on the same night as it was on TV, so I went and watched, and guess what? It was still the Doctor! And I’ve loved the new season, especially the historical episodes. The Doctor has to cope with some issues that were never a problem “when I was a bloke.” She is charming and funny and kind. I do miss Peter Capaldi, but she is a very good replacement and I adore her companions, the first I remember whom the Doctor has trusted to carry out jobs they are capable of doing instead of following her.

    I am not familiar with any of the actors you mention except Eddie Redmayne, but I do agree he might make an interesting Doctor in a Peter Davison style...

    PS Welcome back to blogging! It’s been a while since I had the pleasure of readin* one of your posts,

  2. Oh - of course I know David Tennant! But he was the extra. Well, he has been busy doing other things, including th3 role of demon Crowley in Good Omens and judging by the trailer he is perfect for the role!