Wednesday, April 22, 2020

WINTER SPELL Tour stop & Character Interview with Tonya

A half-breed faery. A war-weary princess. A quest to free three kingdoms from the deadly winter spell. 

Constantly doubted by her ocean faery kindred, Tonya Freyr-dottir only wants to untangle the dormant ice and water magic within her. Then a strange attack makes her unleash a fierce winter on the land and sea. And she has no idea how to stop it.
Princess Diane serves faithfully at her brother’s side, trying to restore their kingdom of Myrnius after the devastating Dark War. Now with brutal winter wreaking havoc, everything they have worked for might be lost to famine and destruction.
Desperate to help, Tonya travels to the far north to unlock her magic, aided by Diane, as well as two land faeries: Dorian, a reckless healer and August, a mischievous warrior. But the north brings fresh dangers, unearths old wounds, and offers more questions than answers.
With doom threatening human and faery alike, Tonya must find a way to trust her new friends and release her magic before all fall to the fury of winter’s spell.

Today, I am taking the time to interview one of the characters from this book, Tonya! 

Thanks for joining us for this interview today, Tonya! First of all, can you tell us a little about what it’s like to be part of two faerie races? …If this isn’t too sensitive of a question.

Tonya: Well, not really. I’m used to it by now. It’s….different. Other faeries tend to look down on me because I’m not a “full” ice faery or ocean faery. So I haven’t really figured out where I belong yet. 

I can imagine that’s difficult. I know there are a lot of rumors going around about why the land is frozen. What do you think is really going on?

Tonya: *fidgets* It was actually me. I didn’t think I had ice magic, but then something attacked me and, I guess I do have ice magic because the ocean and continent is frozen…

Oh dear! Well, that can hardly be your fault. I did hear you and several others were going on a quest to figure out how to fix it though. What do you think of your traveling companions? 

Tonya: *looks infinitely more relieved* I really like them! Diane is wonderful and the first human that I’ve really met, and I think we’re on the way to becoming friends. Which I’ve never really had before…August makes me laugh all the time. I didn’t think there could be someone with so much energy. And Dorian *blushes again*, he’s helping me to try and figure out some magic. 

Sounds like you’re all getting along quite well, and that’s very kind of Dorian to help you train with your magic. Now that you’ve left the ocean for the first time, do you find you prefer being in the snow to when you were living under water?

Tonya: The ice and snow seem more familiar, even though I’ve lived in the ocean my entire life. I just feel more…settled…when I’m in the snow. A part of me will always love the water, but I think that I like the land the best. 

I can understand that. Could you maybe tell us a little about your magical abilities?

Tonya: Well…I don’t really have any magical abilities. I can do a little bit of magic with the water, but only get hints of northern ice magic. Mostly it just comes as thoughts and feelings that I know things about the north even though I’ve never been there. Though since Dorian has been helping me, I can do a teeny bit of magic with snow. 

I’m sure you’ll find your ability grows the more you practice! What is the first thing you want to do once you and your friends figure out how to unfreeze the land?

Tonya: Explore everything about the land!! Diane mentioned something about exploring the different types of food in all the countries, and that sounded very interesting as food on land is delicious! Especially if Dorian and August get to come along as well. 

That definitely sounds like it would be a fun trip! Thanks for chatting with us, Tonya, I wish you luck on your journey!

Winter Spell will be released Tomorrow! (April 23rd) and you can find out more about Tonya and the others by reading the book.
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photo by Claire M. Banschbach

Author Bio: 
Claire M. Banschbach is a native Texan and would make an excellent hobbit if she wasn’t so tall. She’s an overall dork, pizza addict, and fangirl. When not writing fantasy stories packed full of adventure and snark, she works as a pediatric Physical Therapist where she happily embraces the fact that she never actually has to grow up.
She writes New Adult/Adult fantasy as C.M. Banschbach.
Find her on:

Winter Spell is book 3 in the Faeries of Myrnius series, but can be read as a standalone. However, series is best enjoyed in chronological order. 

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  1. Ah, Tonya sounds like such a sweet character! <3

    Giveaway question:
    "Favorite Faery Book?"

    I love the Tales of Goldstone Wood series. Particularly how Fae magic twists perception, the sentience of the Wood, the undercurrent themes, the dragons...yeah, all of it. I love all of it. :P
    Also, George MacDonald's books (Phantastes and Curdie and the Princess series are my favorites).

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me and Tonya! ;) This was such a fun interview!