Saturday, January 10, 2015

Formatting Site Launch!

I mentioned in my New Year's post that I was working to start up an online formatting business, and I have now finished setting it up, and it is open for business!

You can not go to Once More Unto the Page Formatting Services for all your formatting needs. I wanted to make something easy and affordable for Indie authors to be able to go to to get their manuscripts formatted professionally.

As of now, until the end of the month, if you buy a single service or one of the packages, everything is 50% off to celebrate the launch--I would love it if you would also write a testimonial for your service to help get the business going :)

Even if you do not need Formatting services, if you could help spread the word throughout social media, I would be most grateful. If you know any authors who would be interested, please tell them. I hope you'll all decide to take advantage of the offer. Please drop me an email if you're interested, preferably through the one provided on the formatting site, but even leaving me a comment here if you have any questions would do!

Thanks Everyone!

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