Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My New Blog and Story

Hey everyone! I mentioned before that I had started up a new blog, "Tales From a Modern Bard" and it's now officially in use. I will start posting the first chapter of my Arthurian retelling The Voices Beneath later today, and if you're interested, please click the picture below to find out more about the story.

Also, on another note, if you are a writer, whether you're a published author or not, if you would like to participate in guest writing opportunities shoot me an email at I'm going to be looking for guest writers to feature of Modern Bard, and you could do anything from short serials, to one shots and even fun challenges with themes I or another writer will create to write from. If you think that sounds like fun (and trust, it's really going to be fun) I would love to have you! It's a great opportunity to get your writing out there to potential readers. If you're a new author, it will help you get feedback and more exposer, and if you're already published, letting people read your short stories might induce them to check out your novels. So it's a win-win, there's no way you can lose. I also hope that all my guest writers will help critique other guest writers so one of the qualities I look for is to bot give and take constructive criticism in a helpful, non judgmental way.

Click here to view more about the story and the blog itself!

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