Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Books of 2012

Okay, so to narrow down ALL the favorite books I read this year, I'm only listing ones that actually came out this year. Otherwise, this list could go on forever, because I have made some awesome finds, and some awesome new friends in characters I just totally fell in love with. Particularly my renewed love of Rosemary Sutcliff's books. (Okay, a few honorable mentions: Eagle of the Ninth, Frontier Wolf, Outcast...) also for a lot of new authors I discovered like Paul Dowswell, Simon Scarrow, Jeri Westerson, Katy Moran, Lloyd Alexander, and lots more, but again... too many to mention.

So here's my favorite books of 2012! For the record, I am very happy that there was an influx of good YA books out there. I very nearly swore off YA books for good until I started reading some of the new releases, and, partly thanks to Mara (at 667B Baker Street) I renewed my love for the genre!

If you click on the covers, you can find my reviews at Goodreads

I want to wish everyone a happy new year (and a Guid Hogmany in the Scottish tongue)

Slainte, Hazel


  1. It was hard choice deciding which was my ultimate favorite book this year, but "Ripper" still takes the cake. ;)

  2. I think I'm with you on that one. (This was in no particular order, by the way ;) But yes, I think if I HAD to choose, that would be the one.

  3. It would be difficult, though. There was a surprising number of good releases this year. "The Scorpio Races" and "Keeping the Castle" and "The Dark Unwinding". . . And for a ghost story, "The Dead of Winter" REALLY impressed me, because it was sooooooo Poe-esque. I'm so glad I don't have to actually choose an ultimate favorite. ;)

  4. I thought "Th Scorpio Races" came out last year, even though I read it this year. Otherwise I would have added that one. I really want to read "The Dead of Winter" I just have to find it.