Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Sword Song

Just thought I'd post a poem that I just wrote because I have not written poetry in a long time, nor have I posted one on this blog yet. I've been reading lots of Viking novels lately and was inspired to write a sword song. One of my favorite poems ever is "The Sword-Chant of Thorstein Raudi" by William Motherwell. I was unfortunately unable to find it on the internet, though I didn't look overly hard either so if you really want to read it you might be able to find it somewhere. But anyway, that was the poem that really inspired me to write this one. I loved how it was written like a love song from a man to his sword. For some reason that was just really sweet to me ;-) Anyway, here's the poem and a weird picture of a Celt a drew to go along with it. I don't really know what's wrong with him, but it was just a quick sketch anyway. ;-P Hope you enjoy!

Sword Song

Oh, glorious and bright,
Thrumming through the air;
Our souls are one, there’s none can cut
This bond that we do share.

You’re forged, sweet Brand, like a thousand stars,
Sharp and blinding as the sickle moon.
Gore slips from your sleek flanks
As we together send men to their doom.

Oh, how it felt when I first held you
My sweet Carver, it was like Valhalla's Hall
To know you were mine, my heart did sing;
Together we could make the foe fall.

Ah, Sweetsinger, in my palm I love you best
As we dance together in battle sound;
The crimson flow you cause to fall
That drenches the new spring ground.

I kiss you in victory, we both rejoice,
There’s none to part us twain;
The steelsman who forged you stole a bit of my soul
For our blood is one and the same.

And when I do go to meet my kin of old,
My comrades, lovely Brand, shall not part us still,
For you shall lie only upon my breast
To the place we shall fight and drink our fill.

So sing I this Sword Chant the eve of fight
As you shall sing me yours next morn in frey;
We shall dance, we shall scream, and let blood together
To be honored together on the victory day.


Also, I'm excited to show you my first blog button! (Now, in all truth, I don't really know what the deal is with the buttons, but I kind of like them, and I wanted to practice my graphics skills anyway, so I'll be making more of them!) This one is a brothers in arms button, kind of tying in with my up-coming novel "By Blood and By Bond" as you can see they're Celts, because I have just wanted to draw wode on everyone right now. And they could be two characters named Caolan and Faelan who are my brother pairing in my novel (and who you will hear more about later!) But my brothers in arms button is for my wee cause to bring real brotherly love back (see here and here for an explanation; I hate to beat a dead horse--not that I would beat a horse or anything else except bad guys anyway). But if you like the button, feel free to adopt it (is that the right terminology?) and link it back to my blog!

I'll be posting more stuff soon hopefully! I have a fun guest post coming that is looong overdue and another blog stop hosting as well as (hopefully soon) an announcement for another short story release! 

Also (here I go beating a dead horse) remember to take a look at my tour for "On a Foreign Field" if you have the time! It will be ending soon, and October 4th is the last day you can enter for my $25 Amazon gift card giveaway and also the last day you can purchase "On a Foreign Field" for $2.99 on e-book.

Slainte, Hazel


  1. Beautiful poem Hazel! Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end! I love your button too, it suits your blog so well :)

  2. Thanks =) I'm glad you like it. I wish I could have found a link to the one I was talking about, I love that poem! But I have so many old poetry anthologies, it's sometimes hard to find them anywhere else.

  3. You're welcome :) Is this it? -->

    I know what you mean, I studied a poem I loved in school from a school anthology but I can't find it anywhere else! :(

  4. My lord...that posted a bit weird! Sorry about that.

  5. Yeah, that's the one. I thanks! =) I have no idea what's going on with Blogger's comment lately, they all seem to be weird. What was the name of the poem you liked? If it was one you studied in school, it should be a more popular one.

  6. No problem :) It seems to think I have a stammer, doesn't it?! It was called 'The Field Mouse', but I can't remember the poet's name...

  7. Ha! I just found it. Lots of it. Can't believe it didn't come up in the search before, must of done something wrong. Darn technology! hehe. The poet was Gillian Clarke.

  8. Oh, the title sounds like Robert Burns strange. I'm sure he wrote one called the same. Glad you found it though, I'll take a look at it later =)

  9. The poem is perfect! And I'm so excited about "By Blood and By Bond" that it's not even funny.

  10. Haha (I laughed ;P) I promise both to you and myself that it will be out before New Years. Hopefully before Christmas, but the publishing part is the persnickety bit. It will be written by the end of November at the latest. But I've got another Viggo story coming this month which I hope you'll enjoy while you wait =)