Tuesday, May 5, 2020

THE LAST GLADIATOR by Daniel Ottalini

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing Daniel Ottalini's new novella from his Steam Empire Chronicles The Last Gladiator. If you haven't read any of his books before, they are a steampunk take on the Roman Era and are super cool!

What makes a gladiator? Brawn? Showmanship? Skill? Heart? 
For Lucia Rhodanus Fortem, the arena is a ticket to fame, fortune, and belonging. 

But the long familiar arena is changing, and gladiators are, quite literally, a dying breed. Their replacements – Mechagladiators – piloted constructs made of the best Roman technology, stand ready to take their place on the hard packed dirt of the Coliseum.
What human can stand against the tide of progress? Who dares face down a mechanical beast? How can the power of human connection forge a bond stronger than steel?

The last gladiator in Rome faces the toughest challenge of all in this prequel novella for the Steam Empire Chronicles, Daniel Ottalini’s Roman Alternate History World.

If you like Gladiator combat, class struggle, Roman history, alternative history, and love in a time of conflict, these books are for you!

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If you haven't read these books yet, the first is the series, Brass Legionnaire is free right now on Smashwords so grab a copy HERE

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