Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Flower of the Underworld Blog Tour

It's here! The start of the blog tour to celebrate the release of Flower of the Underworld! I hope you all will join in because we've got a lot of cool things planned. 

Every tour stop will bring you a different excerpt so make sure you check them all out. You can also comment on each blog post for extra chances to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a signed copy of the book.

Tour Schedule

(Day One-April 23rd)
Introduction at Character Purgatory

I will be hosting a live Q&A on my Instagram account on Thursday night (April 25th) from 8-9PM EST so get your questions ready! I will also be taking questions from Twitter for those who don’t have an Instagram account during the same time. Feel free to ask questions about Flower of the Underworld, or just writing and books in general, I'm not afraid to go off topic. If you’ll be asking questions on Twitter please make sure to @artfulscribbler with the hashtag #FlowerQ&A.

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Olympus Landscaping was a huge, multi-million dollar business that did jobs all over the country, especially for celebrities and the Hollywood types. And who wouldn’t want their yards done up in such a fantastic way? I might consider it myself if I lived in a clime that could support grass and green things. There were several branches of it open across the country, but this one, near New Olympus, was the one I liked best…for various reasons.

I strolled straight out to the garden, hands in my pockets, enjoying the afternoon sun while I could. I did get tired of the sun easily, but when you hadn’t seen it for weeks on end, even I could be really appreciative of stuff like that.

The garden was so lush and green. Trees gave shade, and flowers spilled out onto the sidewalks in perfectly constructed disarray. The garden culminated into a small courtyard, which was my favorite part, because it had a pond in the middle with a bunch of happy goldfish. I imagined having one of these in the Underworld but figured they would be happier in the sun.

I sat down on the bench near the pond with a contented sigh, and simply closed my eyes and turned my face up toward the sun. Of course, my whole pale body could use some sunlight, but it would look a little strange coming back to the Underworld with a tan. And it wasn’t like I had time to go to the beach either.

I was just enjoying soaking up the sun when I heard a voice.

“Oh, hello. I haven’t seen you around for a while.”

My eyes flew open and saw the girl standing in front of me. She had honey blond hair and green eyes, and a pleasant smile that told of a good nature but also seemed to hold a good sense of humor. She was dressed in a light sundress with green leggings and short fashionable boots with the tops turned down to show her chunky knitted socks. She was also holding a pot of bright pink flowers, completing the breath of fresh air she always was.

Yeah, so I did say that I had other reasons for coming here than to just enjoy the fishpond.

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  1. I loved Hades' tone through the whole story. Specifically, the way his sarcasm and "I'm just so fed up" came out. XD
    Also, I loved that he had friends (and that his job was portrayed more like an office job than anything!), and wasn't the typical emo/evil/friendless stereotype. :D

    1. I'm glad you liked that lol. It was so fun writing him as a character. I definitely identify with Hades a lot ๐Ÿ˜‹

  2. This sounds really cool and I love retellings! Already added it on Goodreads!

    1. I love writing retellings so this was a fun story to play with ๐Ÿ˜Š