Friday, April 24, 2020

An Interview with Lysander and Flynn

The Bentley pulls up at the radio station and Sinclair gets out to open the door. Sir Lysander the Righteous Man and Oliver Flynn step out of the back and enter the station where they are directed to the recording room. 
            There is tea on the table, waiting for them as they take their seats. The Interviewer comes in and sits down across from them, pouring her own cup of tea as she sets a stack of papers down on the table.
            “Is everyone ready?” she asks.
            “Of course,” Flynn smiles as he plucks his cup from the table. “Thank you so much for inviting us today.”
            “Oh, it’s our pleasure, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to hearing what you have to say.” The Interviewer turns to the man in the sound booth. “We’re ready to go on.”
            He nods and does a count down.
            The Interviewer smiles. “Hello, London, we’re live here today with Sir Lysander, the King’s Righteous man and Oliver Ha—”
            “Ah, I prefer to go by Flynn, miss.”
            “Oh, of course, I apologize,” the Interviewer says, a bit flustered. “As you know we’re here today to talk a little about this book of yours.”
            Flynn smiles as Lysander gives a longsuffering look. “Ah, yes, well, as you know, it is my first publication, but I quite enjoyed the process of writing it.”
            “I think the question everyone wants to know is, whether it’s all true?” the Interviewer asks.
            Flynn grins and touches his nose. “Everything, of course.”
            “Aside from some poetic license,” Lysander adds.
            “Some small cases of poetic license—as all good writers know is necessary,” Flynn corrects.
            “Well, poetic license or not, it is certainly an astounding story,” the Interviewer sips her tea. “Quite revealing.”
            “You’d be surprised what I didn’t allow him to put in,” Lysander says. “National security and all that.”
            Flynn sighs and leans back in his chair. “Yes, I did have to omit a couple things, but I think the story itself survived as is.”
            “And everyone here highly encourages those to read it as a lost tale of our recent history,” the Interviewer says as she takes up the sheets of paper again. “We have a few questions people have written in with.”
            “Perfect! Ask away!” Flynn says, picking up his tea.
            The Interviewer glances at the paper. “These are from Deborah: “What is your favorite kind of music?”
            “I used to like Classical,” Lysander says blandly. “Now I’m a little weary of it.”
            “I like 2000s rock, and 1980s music is good too,” Flynn says. “And Lysander does keep soundtracks to his favorite movies. Lots of Star Wars…”
            Lysander shrugs. “That is true. I do like soundtrack music.”
            “How about your favorite animal?”
            “Oh, cats, definitely,” Flynn says. “They are the best companions. And a cat’s purring is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety. Can you get better than that? What about you, Lysander?”
            “I like dolphins, actually.”
            “They’re psychopaths,” Flynn comments.
            “You could say the same about cats.”
            “Cats can be sociopathic, there’s a difference, and it’s really only an act—they’re still high-functioning.” He folds his arms across his chest. “But whatever. Strong, silent types and their dolphin obsession…”
            “How about your idea of a perfect day?” the Interviewer cuts in, seeing that this could get out of hand quickly.
            “Well, I am usually quite content relaxing in my flat—with my cat—a good book, and a cup of hot, dark tea. Nothing quite like that,” Flynn smiles.
            “Well,” Lysander adds, “I suppose my idea of a perfect day would be one where I didn’t have to worry about anything and actually could relax. I might even pick up a book myself.”
            “But you can’t curl up with a dolphin,” Flynn comments.
            “I regret saying anything about the dolphins,” Lysander growls.
            The Interviewer flips her page. “These questions are from Sarah: First of all is what are the best and worst things about each other?”
            “Oh, here we go,” Lysander says, looking like he’s battening down the hatches. 
            Flynn grins and sips his tea. “Well, obviously, Lysander’s personality is the worst thing about him. Since he can never show what he’s feeling—except anger, he’s very good at that. But if he’ll promise never to repeat that I said this ever again, I have to admit that he’s very loyal.”
            Lysander smirks slightly and takes a drink of his own tea. “Flynn is annoying to a fault, but he’s good at what he does, and, dare I say it, smarter than me—on occasion.”
            “Well, don’t act like the compliments are being dragged out of you on the rack or anything,” Flynn scoffs, but also smiles like a pleased cat.
            “On a similar topic, who do you think has the best hair?” the Interviewers asks.
            “Oh, me of course, I actually do something with it,” Flynn instantly jumps in.
            “You don’t do anything with it, look at it,” Lysander accuses. “It’s a complete mess.”
            “It’s strategically rakish—that’s what the ladies like,” Flynn protests. 
            “It’s strategically ridiculous, is what it is.”
            “You’re just mad because I don’t have to spent fifteen minutes to get it to look like anything but a rats’ nest in the morning.”
            “I do not take that long with my hair…”
            The Interviewer sighs and signals for a commercial break.
Back on air, things have settled down. Sinclair brings more tea and the interview continues.
            “Another question we for you is possibly even more controversial than the hair,” the Interviewer says almost hesitantly. “But we at the station are curious: who is your favorite Doctor?”
            “Ah!” Flynn smiles. “A good question!”
            “Well, I like Ten,” Lysander says. “Though the show did pick up again with Twenty-Two, I’ll admit that.”
            “Ugh, how basic,” Flynn scoffs. “First the obvious choice and then modern Doctor Who? No, I do like both Ten and Eleven, but I have to go classic. Four is my favorite. Frankly anything but Thirteen.”
            “Well, I think most people can agree there,” Lysander shrugs. 
            “We have time for one more question before we go,” the Interviewer says. “What is next for you two?”
            “I’m doing what I have always done,” Lysander says with a shrug. “Keeping my country safe, serving my king.”
            “And I’m essentially doing what I’ve always done too, more or less,” Flynn says. “Just…different application.”
            The Interviewer smiles and folds her hands in front of her. “Thank you for agreeing to the interview today. I hope our listeners will take the time to read your book.”
            “Of course, we enjoyed being here,” Flynn smiles. “At least I did.”
            Lysander nods in agreement.
            “One thing before you go,” the Interviewer asks, reaching down to her side. “Could you sign my copy of the book?”
            Flynn grins and Lysanders sighs, running a hand over his face. 
            “Of course, my dear,” Flynn tells her and accepts the pen Sinclair instantly offers. “Anyone else?”
            The interview concludes and Sir Lysander and Flynn leave to go back to duty as the sun shines down on London and its protectors. 


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