Thursday, January 9, 2020

Subscribe to me on Ko-Fi!

Hey guys! So I don't know how many of you have heard about Ko-fi, but it's essentially a virtual tip jar sort of thing that is based around the idea of buying creators (artists, writers, etc.) a cup of coffee. I recently got an account, to help raise funds for my book releases. I have many projects this year, first of which is The New Emperor's Concerto (Releasing in February) and I am also planning on redoing some covers and doing edits for some of my other books.

I recently put a subscription option on my Ko-fi account. Essentially, it's just like Patreon. For $5 a month, you can help support me and my writing endeavors, and in return you will get exclusive content each month. Things like sneak peeks for upcoming projects or even original scenes and short stories just for my Ko-fi subscribers. 

For January, if you subscribe you will get a free ecopy of the prequel short story to The New Emperor's Concerto "The Butler's Story" which will be out Tuesday (Jan 14th) 

(Also, Ko-fi runs through PayPal so it's completely safe to use.) 

I would really appreciate you guys helping me out. Really the only way Indie authors make money is crowd funding, so any little bits helps. Even if you don't want to subscribe on Ko-fi, buy me a couple coffees. If you go onto my page, you can see my book launch goal. We're currently 45% of the way there! 

You can also help me out by checking out my booksale on eBay where I am selling some books I unhauled from my shelves. (A lot of really good condition YA books, and some signed copies)

So please consider visiting my Ko-fi! It would be much appreciated :)

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