Friday, March 17, 2017

Indie E-Con!

Hey Readers and Writers! 

Next week, I will be taking part in this super awesome event that was put together by Kendara at her blog, Knitted By God's Plan, which will be an online convention where myself and a bunch of Indie authors are going to get together and do some blog posts and videos on the writing and indie publishing scene. There will also be some fun and games for participants as well as giveaways and opportunities for writing critiques. I highly suggest you guys all stop by to check it out. It is running Monday through Friday (20-24) and is going to have a different topic every day. I will be featuring Blood Ties and the Modern Tales of Na Fianna specifically so if you have enjoyed those books, come along. Take a look at this for more information:

I'll be keeping all of you guys updated through Goodreads and Twitter as to fun stuff happening throughout the E-Con, and whenever I will be doing anything. I'm scheduled for a sort of live Q&A on Wednesday, so I will let you know when that goes up. Start thinking of any questions you may have for me!

You can also check out the E-Con Book Awards and get a bunch of our books for free or .99 cents. Blood Ties is also on there for .99 cents. If you are looking for something to read this weekend, I highly recommend checking out these indie authors, then you can have read their books before the E-Con :)

Also, a promotional thing I am doing for the E-Con is that everyone participating in it (either actually in the Con or just checking it out) is offering 30% off formatting services from Once More Unto the Page Formatting. Just send me an email through the site when you book the service and tell me that you saw the promotion during E-Con :)

I really hope to see you at the E-Con and I'm sure the other Indie Authors will too, so please take some time out of next week and check out all the fun stuff we'll have for you there!

Happy writing/reading!

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