Friday, January 22, 2016

2015 Wrap Up and What's Coming up in 2016

Hey everyone! I totally meant to get this up later, but I didn't get around to filming my 2015 best reads videos until this week. Busy already! Anyway, I always like to do a goal post every year. I don't do resolutions but I do like to try to set new goals for myself every year.

First off I thought 2015 wasn't terrible over all, but kind of sucked personally just for various reasons. It just felt cursed, nothing I tried really worked. But…I did get a pet hedgehog who I love very much, and I also got to travel to New York City for BookCon and met my friend Mara for the first time in person which was extremely awesome and we had a good time, even though BookCon was a little hectic. But site-seeing in NY was fun as was seeing the Metropolitan and Central Park and figuring out the subway system. We didn't even get as lost as I thought we would! We also got to meet one of our other blogger friends, Kel, at BookCon and I got to meet Maggie Stiefvater, who is one of my favorite authors ever! So, it wasn't terrible.

Plus a ton of amazing books came out in 2015, more than I got to read too, unfortunately, but there is always spill-over. I read 108 books, way more than I was expecting to, and not too many bad ones.

But we'll get this out of the way: The worst book I read in 2015 was Twilight: Life and Death. Read the Review of Snark here

And for this year: I was actually looking back at my 2015 New Year post and realize this is probably similar. I always try to blog more because I need to. I need to get back into reviewing books again. I'm trying to figure out a funner way to do it. Besides that, I did accomplish some things I wrote last year. I did start the Dresden Files and am loving it! I did not start watching Doctor Who, however, I got cold feet, because I was overwhelmed and so I started watching Criminal Minds instead (which, don't kill me, I think I liked better.) The only other thing I really want to accomplish this year is publishing my first book in the Modern Tales of Na Fianna series which if all goes well should be coming out in February. Also I want to do more with my Youtube channel, do more tags and stuff. But I'm still figuring that out.

And now without further ado, here are the Top 15 Books of 2015 and my Top Favorite Reads of 2015