Tuesday, July 14, 2015

June 2015 Wrap Up/ Announcement

Hey everyone! Sorry my reading wrap up for June was so late, it's actually linked to the announcement I have which is:

I now have a YouTube channel!

Yes, I finally decided to bite the bullet and start one, now that I have a phone that takes passable video and makes it waaay easier to upload. I have wanted to start one for a while to do, not only book blogger things, but author things, and hopefully there will be a lot of cool stuff coming when it gets closer to the release of my new book Blood Ties this fall. First off, though, I have started with making a video of my reading wrap up. It's just funner to do it this way and I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you think and please forgive the poor quality. I'm still working on how to best utilize my camera.

Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel here!


  1. Excellent, will check out your YouTube channel in the next day or two. I have posted to youTube myself, mostly readings, both from Banned Books Week books and my own stuff, but I have a problem with the book covers, which always come out back to front, not sure why. It's fun to do, though. Enjoy!

    1. Sounds cool :) I will eventually do some readings from my books too, especially when I release my new one. Figuring out camera angles is a little tricky.