Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Have Too Much Time On My Hands... Just Kidding

Well, I really should be writing an actual blog post, and I really have one in the works about characters that was inspired by a discussion I had with a fellow writer who's just starting off, but I'm working on writing myself at the moment, so blog posts are getting put on the back burner. I just thought I'd give everyone a bit of an update on what I've been doing so it doesn't seem like I dropped off the face of the earth.

I meant to write a New Year's post, but...well, I was already embarked upon my newest writing venture, so I never got around to it. I am also looking for a job again, since my seasonal position ran up, and so after being worked to death in December, I was left feeling quite bored. So I re-read my Nano story, and after putting that one away for future work (don't know the exact publication date for it yet, it's done, but polished it is not!) I started on a book that has been nagging me for a long time. Which by my own rules, I am not at liberty to speak about yet. Even though I'm bursting at the seams because I LOVE it. Really really love it.

Anyway, here's a little of what you can all look forward to in the coming months:

My next book up for publication is going to by my first Michael Crandon book A Company of Rogues. It should be out by summer, hopefully, and I'm also hoping to publish another book in the winter, but which one it will actually be, I don't know yet. It will be a surprise.

I am going to be setting up a tour for my Anthony Maxwell series. It's late, because I had planned to do it in November, but I was so slammed through Nov and Dec that I am pushing it up and hopefully by March it will be up and that's exciting because I have been so terrible at promoting lately, it's awful. During the tour, however, I will hopefully be releasing info about my WIP and once that's out, you can expect a slew of stuff about it on the blog. It's kind of my baby right now.

Until the time that my next book is published, you can read my story The Voices Beneath, an Arthurian retelling (loose retelling, I'm warning you) from Mordred's point of view. it's on my sister blog: On that note: if you wish to participate in guest writing challenges, PLEASE email me through the contact me tab up top. I am looking for potential guest writers for Modern Bard, and really want to get something started. It's a win win situation!

Besides writing, I've been enjoying my life as a (conservative) fangirl (just kidding) with all the movies and shows coming out. But since I've already seen Thor, Desolation of Smaug, and tomorrow will be the Sherlock finale, I'm really glad I've got writing to fall back on. But anyway, as part of my fangirling and unlimited time on my hands, I made Hobbit plushies which I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of so here they are:

Bilbo, Kili and Fili!

They even have facial hair!

Master Burglar 


Thorin was made by my mum, but the others are all mine

So that's what I've been up to. I'll definitely endeavor to write more real posts. Monday I will be hosting for a tour for the book "Soul Slam" and I will hopefully have my character post up next week as well!

Hope everyone is having a good 2014 so far!

Slainte, Hazel


  1. I know what you mean about not having time for blogging. It's really tough as it usually takes me a t least one whole day for me to do mine, sometimes more. I'd rather be writing! It sounds like you've got a lot going. Good luck on your tour though!

  2. I hope it will go well =) I've got to get all the details together, but thankfully, I'm doing this one through a tour site, so they will do all the messy work for me haha ;)

  3. Your crocheted Hobbit characters are amazing! Great job, Hazel!

    1. Thanks! They were fun to make =) I'm trying to decide what I want to try next