Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign Last Days and Extra Perks!!! (Yes, I'm asking for Money Again)

Well everyone, my Indiegogo campaign is going to be up Sunday and I still need some funds to at least get enough money for a really good book tour. Besides that, thanks so much to everyone who has donated, because you made the recent giveaways possible! And also paid back the money I spent to get the bookmarks and posters printed with extra =) THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

I'm trying now to at least reach a goal of $200. I know I'm not going to reach the $800 goal I had to begin with, unless everyone is totally awesome, but if I can get another $90 that would be awesome and would give me enough to have a really awesome book tour and more giveaways in correlation with it. Because I'm so determined to get more people to donate, I've added an exclusive perk for all donators, even those donating $5. You won't see it on the campaign page, but let it be known that everyone who donates between now and the end of the campaign, will receive an original piece of artwork by me: a sketch, not copied, in it's original condition, of any character you so want from the book. If you want to wait until you read the book, that's great, if you have no preference, I'll send you whatever I feel like. I might not send the picture with the same package as whatever else you are receiving for your pledge, but if you let me know that you donated, I will see to it that I get it to you. This is how you do it (very simple)

Tell me that you donated by emailing me at: and give me your email address (and your mailing address if you did a $10 dollar pledge because that one is only for an e-book and I didn't mark that I needed a mailing address for that one) Then I will get back to you to say that I will be sending you your sketch soon. That way you can have a chance to read the book first and figure out your favorite characters before you tell me what sketch you want. It can even be a scene from the book too. A note though: I do not draw contraptions, so please don't ask me to draw you one. It won't even look like how I pictured it.

I hope this is a good incentive to donate! Let's see if you can help me make my goal (or rather new goal) or $200 before Sunday! Remember, only $90 are needed, so every $5 dollar increment helps, and you'll still get a piece of original artwork!

So go to the link below and share your spangle (otherwise the urchins might steal it)

Here's some examples of the kind of thing you'll get from me:

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