Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Snippets #5-- Anthony Maxwell

Yay, another snippet on time!! I'm feeling particularly proud of myself for that ;-) Today's snippet comes from Chapter Five and again features Archie but in a more desperate situration this time...

I was woken sometime in the early morning, when the city was still shrouded in fog and the sun—what little we saw of it in London, that is—had not yet made an effort to disperse it. What woke me was the sound of frantic pounding on the front door and I jerked upright where I had been slumped onto my desk, a sheet of paper stuck to my cheek and my hair plastered upright on one side of my head. I shook myself to clear my drowsy, sleep-deprived brain, and got up as I heard Mrs Hutchings hollering to whoever it was at the door to hold their horses. I don’t know why, because they obviously had no horses.
         I wandered out—wandering was as quick as I could go in my current state of half-awake-ness—to see whom my early visitor was. Tobs and Scamp would not have made such a ruckus, though, perhaps if it were a terrible emergency…
         But it turned out my visitor was neither of my two partners, but a very distraught and fuming Archie who practically burst into my apartment when Mrs Hutchings had opened the door, causing her to shriek and scold in the most terrible way. Archie strode right over to me and I was immediately awake, trying vainly to put my hair into some semblance again.
         ‘Archie, whatever has happened?’ I asked him, as I watched him twist his cap in his hands before running one hand through his shaggy locks, seeming unable to find the words to describe what was clearly distressing him.
         ‘That bloody bludger took two of my boys, Maxwell!’ he finally got out. ‘They were out knappin’ the ding last night but never came back. I swear, I’ll bruise ‘im good when I find ‘im!’
         (It took me a moment to remember enough of my street lingo to realize ‘knapping the ding’ meant to collet things people had thrown away. I hope the reader does not find it too hard to understand the language of the urchins, but I will be sure to add definition for some of the harder terms.)
         I took Archie by the shoulders and tried to calm him down. ‘Shouting is not going to do any good, my dear lad. What you need is some coffee and we can talk. Mrs Hutchings!’ Maybe it was I who needed the coffee, but I didn’t think it would hurt Archie at all either. 

And unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to draw a picture to go along with this week's snippet, but instead, I wanted to share this awesome picture I found on Pintrest that really looks like my villain, even down to the pinky ring!
I'm also working on a new portrait of Anthony that I might be able to post with next week's snippet =) If you want to look at more pictures of places and things that you will see in the Anthony Maxwell books, you can visit my Pintrest board dedicated to Anthony here

We're getting closer and closer to the publication date to A Case of Poisons! I'm also thinking of doing a Kickstarter so keep an eye out for that soon as well.

Until next post,
Slainte, Hazel

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