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Much Ado About Everything: Part Four

As promised, here is another part of "Much Ado About Everything". If you missed last week's you can find it here.


Part Four
The Debate

Narrator: While D’Artagnan and the others are caught in the most suspenseful part of this play, we’re going to take a quick trip over to Sherwood Forest. It’s a bright spring day, the birds are singing, the deer are leaping and Robin Hood is skipping through the forest.

Robin: I do NOT and never HAVE skipped!

Narrator: Whatever. Suddenly, another man comes from out of the trees, also carrying a bow.

Robin: How now, stranger! Stand and deliver! I am the outlaw Robin Hood! And I steal from the rich and give to the poor! Give me all your money!

Stranger: Do I look rich to you? No. I came all this way just to test my abilities against the “world’s greatest archer” and this is what I get? Robbed!

Robin: Who are you then, stranger, that you speak to me so? I am the Prince of Thieves!

Stranger: Whatever you say. I, on the other hand am William Tell.

Robin: (laughing) Oh, you’re that apple shooter! You think you can best me?! 

William: Of course I do. That’s why I came here. To prove it!

Robin: (grinning) All right. We’ll have a little match then. We’ll both shoot apples off each other’s heads.

William: Hold on a second. I don’t know as if I trust you to do that.

Robin: Why not? 

William: Because I know I can do it, but I’m not sure you can.

Robin: Well, see here, I don’t quite know if I even believe in that story about you either. You know how word gets around.

William: Every bit of it is as true as that you are an outlaw!

Robin: Really? Prove it!

William: All right, I will. I’ll shoot an apple from your head.

Robin: Oh, no you won’t! Not until I shoot one from yours!

William: I already said I didn’t trust you to do that!

Robin: Well, I am the greatest archer in the world! How could you not trust me to do it?

William: I have never seen you shoot before.

Robin: Then you will! You’ll see me shoot an apple from your head!

William: Have you ever shot an apple from anyone’s head?

Robin: That was not the original question!

William: So you haven’t! How do you know you can?

Robin: Because I am the best archer in the world! I can do everything you can do and better!

William: Well, have you ever seen me shoot?

Robin: Not as yet, but I will.

William: Exactly. How do you know you’re the best archer if you have never seen any other really good archers shoot? I may be the best.

Robin: Prove it!

William: I will. I’ll shoot an apple from your head.

Robin: Not until I shoot one from yours!

William: So we’re back to that again?!

Robin: I can split arrows!

William: Don’t change the subject! We’re talking about apples!

Little John comes up

Little John: I like apple pie!

Robin: We’re not talking about pie John, we’re talking about archery! I am trying to prove to William Tell here that I am the best archer in the world but he doesn’t believe me.

Little John: (looking in astonishment at William) William Tell? The William Tell?! (takes his hand and pumps it heartily) It’s great to meet you in person! The greatest archer in the world! Can you autograph my quiver?

William: Of course.

Robin: JOHN!!! I’M the best archer in the world!

William: We’ll there’s really only one way to find out.

Robin: What?

William: We each try to shoot an apple from each other’s head.

Robin: Hold on now, I don’t know if I trust you to do that...

Narrator: Seeing as the argument seems to be going on forever, we are going to leave them now and go check up on another angle of this story.

End of Part Four

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