Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ABNA Update

Okay, so I got kicked off again first round this year. I'm really to the point of hating ABNA because every time I think I'm giving them what they want, they apparently don't want that. So forget them because the group read on Goodreads for "On a Foreign Field" has gotten me some very very awesome reviews that you can look at here:

Also do check out Mara's (totally un-obligated) review on her blog:

So, sorry that ABNA has kicked me off so that my book will no longer be $2.99 as promised. It's going back to it's original price, but you can still buy it, and I hope that after you read the reviews, it might make you want to read it all the more! There's also still time to join in the group read until the end of February:

So apparently the book is good, which makes me happy, and too bad that ABNA wasted their opportunity. Again.

Slainte, Hazel


  1. Somehow, it doesn't surprise me that this happened, simply because books like ON A FOREIGN FIELD aren't popular, and only popular books win awards of any sort. Unfortunately. You'll get your chance eventually, though; don't give up! :)

  2. Probably because (a.) it isn't literary,this it has a satisfying ending and (b.) I didn't put any gay characters in it. It's coming down to that, unfortunately. The good thing about it, I didn't have to endure Publisher's Weekly's snarky, uncalled for comments :P