Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paperback Short Stories Release!

Sink me! I can't believe it! Two releases in one week! It certainly seems like I have been working non-stop since December (actually since Thanksgiving) but I hate sob stories, and this is my job right now anyway, so I can't complain :P

ANYWAY! To the point: The backstories for By Blood or By Bond are now available in a compiled paperback addition! But wait! There's also perks to buying the hard copy instead of the e-stories:

1. It makes a great gift for Christmas! Small enough to be a stocking stuffer or a present for someone who enjoys historical fiction and/or is a relative who needs a quick read for the plane/train/car ride back home.

2. The three extra mini stories in the back. I decided to write three extra little fluffy stories to add to the paperback addition.

3. Character sketches! Of the main characters featured at the beginning of each story.

Here's the Purchase links:



And of course, don't forget that you can get all three of these stories: "To Save a Life", "Home Before the Harvest", and "Wolf Hunt" on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords! But you won't get all the extra perks...

Also, concerning the Blood or Bond tour, I will soon be adding an itinerary that you will be able to find by clicking the poster on the upper right hand side (kindly designed by Amanda McCrina!) Again, if you'd like to host a stop do let me know! And check out By Blood or By Bond and the backstories!

Slainte, Hazel

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