Wednesday, October 3, 2012

General Announcements- Giveaway Complete

Well, the giveaway for "On a Foreign Field" is complete now and I would like to congradulate the winners:

Barbara Kelley
Patricia Fuller
and MaryKay Smith

I hope you enjoy the book!

For those of you who have not won the giveaway, you can still purchase your own copy! *hint hint*

Paperback: Or from

And Thursday is the LAST DAY you can buy it on e-book for $2.99. I will be putting it back up to it's original price of $4.99 so take the incentive and 'download' your copy today (och it galls me to say that! :P)


Amazon Kindle:

Also check out my new short story that is a prequel to my upcoming novel! (Always $0.99)

To Save a Life:

Also, you can now read the first two chapters of my upcoming novel "By Blood and By Bond" (which 'To Save a Life' belongs to) on Goodreads and Wattpad now. Feedback is much appriciated. Just go to my Goodreads and Wattpad account by clicking the links on my link list to the right and you'll find the excerpt there.

Apart from that, I am reinstating Pepys' Advice Column (see here for details) since now I have more followers on my blog!

Slainte, Hazel

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