Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Wallace Day! and Giveaway Announcement

Hello dear readers, I'm terribly sorry I have not posted anything for a while, I've just been so blasted busy with everything! Between getting stuff ready for my book tour, writing interviews for ones I'm hosting for soon, researching for my upcoming books and writing and editing a short story that will be up for sale soon (more on that later) I have not had the time or the inspiration for writing any blog posts but I will change that again very soon!

So first of all, today is Wallace Day, where we celebrate the legacy of one of Scotland's greatest heroes. You can learn a lot more about Wallace here:

August 23rd was the day he was executed in London, so take some time today to honor his memory. Make a Scottish dish for dinner, wear some tartan, watch Braveheart. Or you can go buy a "Team Wallace" t-shirt from my Cafepress store here:

Also I have a giveaway to announce for a copy of my book "Freedom Come All Ye" The lucky winner is-- Melissa Anthony! Congratulations! *applause*

If you did not win the book, I hope you will consider buying a copy, you can do so here: or on Amazon, and remember it's reduced in price right now until the end of my book tour!

Also check out my other Wallace related novel "On a Foreign Field" Which you can find:



Or on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

And don't forget to follow my Virtual Book Tour for "On a Foreign Field" starting next week. I will have the schedule up as soon as I get it. There are still four spots to fill and if you are interested, please sign up on Virtual Book Tour Cafe

Hope everyone has been having a less busy week than I, haha ;) I'll be back soon with more blog posts and a couple author interviews during the next couple months, so check back for that!

Slainte, Hazel

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