Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brotherly Love (Guest Posted by Kilroy Allen)

Greetings readers! It is I, the famous Kilroy Allen (also known as the Emerald Sword) hero from Ballad of the Highwayman. Hazel has asked me to do a guest post for you today on what I thought brotherly love was. Hazel is currently working on a new novel (another reason why I am guest posting) and it entails lots of camaraderie and brotherhood between men who are not related by blood. (And that's all I am able to divulge at the moment.) Now I for one never had any siblings of my own, but my good friend Jeff is in every way my brother. We grew up together after I had to run away and helped each other to live to manhood--a challenging thing, I assure you. More recently, I have become good friends with an old enemy, Roster Scarcliff, and despite his sometimes annoying attitude, and his addiction for trying to flirt with my wife, he's not a bad lad. So from the experience I have had with my good comrades in arms, here is what I think brotherly love is:

It's breaking each other's ribs in fighting practice instead of their noses so they'll still have a chance with the girls.

It's slapping some sense into them when they have been cheated by women who were undeserving of them anyway.

It's helping them win the right lass--by whatever means necessary. And let me tell you, this can really get you into some, shall I say, interesting situations?

It's being family if they have none.

It's taking care of their wives, lovers, children, and sisters as if they were your own family when they are not around.

It's sticking up for each other, fighting for each other's honor, and perhaps even dying for each other. A lesson my father always taught me was that on the battlefield, your one duty is to your comrades. It is never nice to leave your family at home, but you should never leave your brother on the field.

It's getting into trouble. Always. Otherwise, we wouldn't have any fun at all.

It also involves merciless teasing, especially when they are trying to woo women. They'll be willing to hang on every word of advice you give them, and, trust me, there's lots of fun to be had with that!

It is giving good advice too though, when it really matters. It is also listening to advice. We may not always want to, but our friends really do give good advice, and you should almost always listen to them on advice about women. Sometimes men get blinded by love, and they need their comrades to knock some sense into them before they get hurt.

And lastly, it's always being there like you should be for your blood family. Friends need to stick together, families need to stick together. Blood is not always thicker than water, but those who shed blood together are sometimes closer than blood brothers.

I hope you all liked this guest post. Thank you for reading it, and cheers to everyone!

~Kilroy A.

By the way, who was the jester who said they hated cravats on the poll? Who hates cravats?


  1. Very enjoyable post, Kilroy! My favorite point of yours was the 8th one. So funny!

  2. Thank you, Jenn. That's my favorite too ;)

  3. Excellent post, my dear Kilroy. If only women could understand each other like that.

  4. Why do you think I stick with the boys?