Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Books of Note: Two Cozy Stories for the Holidays

Looking for a cozy Christmas story to curl up with this holiday season? Here's a couple suggestions from me written by Lynn Kurland, the writer of medieval time-travel romances. Her two short Christmas stories The Three Wise Ghosts  and The Gift of Christmas Past are fun little reads, with enough cozy and definitely lots of good humor, especially in The Three Wise Ghosts where three match-making ghosts cause all kinds of trouble to get two of their descendants to fall in love, including blowing up the guy's laptop, his car, and destroying all their clothes so that the only thing they have left to wear is medieval outfits--including curly-toed court shoes. The Gift of Christmas Past sees the heroine falling into a faery ring on Christmas eve and finding herself stuck in Medieval England as the guest of this dashing knight. And also, there's the ghost of her old cat.

Both of these stories can be found in Kurland's anthology Love Came Just in Time, which can be found on my Amazon AStore.

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Slainte, Hazel