Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Samuel Pepys' Advice Column

One of the characters in my book Ballad of the Highwayman is the famous London diarist, Samuel Pepys. He's one of several historical people I put into the book along with my own characters and he is enjoying his time interacting with them and being able to be a part of Kilroy Allen's story.

Samuel Pepys has decided to start an advice column for my blog where you may write in with any questions or if you seek advice on anything.

(The Real Rules)

This is purely for fun, and I encourage funny write-ins. If you want to know something about a particular part of history, or if you can think of a funny problem someone in history might have, that is also acceptable. I will be posting an example within the next couple days to show you want I mean. Anything insulting or rude will immediately be discarded and the highwaymen will do their best to run you through, you are warned. All write-ins must be anonymous such as the typical advice column names like "Lazy Highwayman" or "Distressed Dandy" you get the picture. If you want to send something in, please send it to my email sirwilliamssquire@gmail.com with "Pepys' Advice Column" as the subject. It will then be posted with Pepys' answer in an upcoming blog post. Again, this is purely for fun and should not be taken seriously because we are very rarely serious on this blog.

I encourage highly that you write in because Pepys is very excited to get his column started. There is no specific time to do this, just whenever you want. Go and think of something now!

Slainte, Hazel

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