Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pepys' Advice Column

Amazing! I can't believe I have actually gotten write-ins already! Here they are:

Dear Mr. Pepys,

I have been looking and looking for a really big ostrich plume for my hat and have been unable to find one. I have had to result in feather extensions and I am afraid they will fall apart during a party or a duel and it will be incredibly embarrassing! What should I do?

~Featherless Frenchman

Dear Featherless Frenchman,

I do not think feather extensions are truly that embarrassing and if done right will not fall apart. I know a lot of people who use them when there are feather shortages and see nothing wrong with them. If you are worried about them, get them done by a professional who knows what he's doing; they should hold up until you can find a really nice plume for your hat.


Dear Mr. Pepys,

Tell me, do highwaymen go to a "gallows party" with their hats on?

Feathered-Hat Hattie

Dear Feathered-Hat Hattie,

It all depends on who's "gallows party" it is. In the 1600s, it is considered sloppy to go anywhere in public without a hat on. If it is one of your comrades, then you should show respect by taking your hat off when he is hung. However, I asked one of my highwayman friends about your question, and he told me that it is custom to decorate your hat as much as possible for the occasion. A highwayman's hat is an important part of his costume and it's a sign of respect to your comrade to dress your hat up for his hanging. However, if the condemned is an enemy, you do not have to follow the same rules. Just do what you feel like!


Thank you to those who wrote in, I am excited to see more soon!

Sincerely, Samuel Pepys

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