Reviewing Policy

If you are a self-published author, or even one who has published through a small company and want to get your book out, I would love to help by reviewing your book (in exchange for a free one, of course--and maybe a coffee ;-) and will then post the review on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon and will also interview you for my blog if you wish.

My Policy

I am very particular with the kinds of books I read. The easiest thing to do is read reviews I have already written on Goodreads and you'll probably see my pet peeves.

What I Will Read

I prefer reading Historical Fiction, Mystery, YA, Fantasy, Military Adventure (from Ancient to WWII only, nothing past that) and Steampunk. I don't read contemporary a lot, but I might occasionally pick one up that interests me. Urban Fantasy is good though and I'll read the kind of Paranormal a guy would like (i.e nothing remotely like Twilight) Re-tellings of old stories and mythology are good too. I prefer a male protagonist, but that's only because I can sometimes get really ticked off at female ones, and I wouldn't want that to factor into the review. As I said before, read my reviews to find out the kind of leading ladies I like best.

What I WILL NOT Read

This is more important, and please, if your books contain this, don't lie to me about it or sweep it under the carpet because this really does factor into my rating. Red is for stuff that I will NOT make exceptions for. Anything else, I will.

I do not read graphic sexual content. If there's a couple parts alluded to, that's okay, as long as it's not the entire plot of the book. No New Adult books either, please. No offense, but the thought of those make me ill.

Absolutely NO gay/lesbian themes

I don't care for tons of language content, but if that's the only thing on this list that your book has, I won't complain, especially if it's a really good story.

Also, I don't usually do love triangles at least not ones put in just for the sake of having a love triangle. For me a love triangle has to be there for a reason. I'm really not the kind of person who does teen romance a lot except in rare cases, and I'm not saying my prejudice will always work into a review, but it's possible. This is one of those things that I really want to see the synopsis for before I read it.

And as a side note in case you are wondering, don't worry about gore and blood. It doesn't bother me at all unless it's in ridiculous proportions that aren't even realistic.

Most importantly I do not guarantee 5 star reviews. I guarantee honest reviews, and if that means I feel a book should get 1 star, then that's what I'll give it. I do promise, however, that any criticism I give will be constructive, author to author.

This is my reviewing structure:

Overall thoughts on the book: This is where I give a little overview on my overall feelings about the book

Cover--yea or nay: This is where I talk about the cover (did I think it fit the book or not--and don't worry, this doesn't eat into my rating, it's just a personal preference)

Characters: This is where I talk about why I did or didn't like certain characters, how they are crafted and stuff like that.

The Romance: If there's a romance in the book, I'll address my feelings on it here.

Writing Style: This is where I do an overview on the author's writing style. This also includes how they describe things, things I particularly liked about the story itself, and, if a fantasy, how believable the made up world is.

Problems/What bothered me: This is where I address the things I had a problem with.

Conclusion: Where I break down the star rating (sometimes I give halves and I'll mention it here since you can't show it on Goodreads and Amazon) and why I gave the rating I did.

Recommended Audience: This is where I put down the kind of people I think would enjoy it (i.e. a good guy read, people who liked ___ will like this book, and what age range it's suitable for if it's a Mid-grade or YA)

If you're interested, and I haven't scared you off with all my preferences (I really am a more easy reader than it might seem as long as my pet peeves listed above aren't there.) You can send me an email with a synopsis of your book and I will be happy to read it!



Enoch's Device by Joseph Finley 
Wendigo Fever (Warden #1) by Kevin Hardman
Tethers by Jack Croxall
Bluecoat by Jacob Fever


  1. Just checking out of curiosity...TOLD you my book probably wasn't up your alley! LOL.

  2. And I said I do make exceptions, and I did know it was a teen romance lol ;) I am enjoying it too ;)