Friday, October 7, 2011

Pepys' Advice Column

I've finally gotten some more letters in! Here are my answers to your questions, dear readers:

Dear Mr. Pepys,
I'm  a writer with two books published.  I have readers who want more, but I just can't seem to get going on this next novel.  I have several scenes written for at least three different books involving these characters.  I just can't get started on my original idea for the sequel.  Should I come up with a new idea that might flow better?
Lost in the Note Pile

Dear Lost on the Note Pile,
Your books are what you want them to be. If the original plot is not working, then try something else and see if that works out better for you. Find something new to inspire you. Go on a trip, meet new people, read more books by other amazing authors. Something will come up and everything will "click" eventually and before you know it, you'll be on a writing spree again!
Sincerely, Samuel Pepys

Dear Mr. Pepys,
Help! I've been invited to an important dinner and I fear I will be asked to cut the main meat dish. I have no idea about the etiquette behind this as I have been at sea for several years. What do I do?
~Flustered Butcher

Dear Flustered Butcher,
Cutting the meat at a supper is not a hard thing to do. Ham and venison are thick, beef is thin, and any fowl is medium. Just remember not to use your sword! That should only be used to cut the cake at your wedding!
Sincerely, Samuel Pepys

Dear Mr. Pepys,
I'm a sidekick and my hero is always running off into battle without me and my comrades and getting himself hurt. I'm tired of patching his wounds and his uniform, not to mention keeping everyone else in line while he's recovering. I don't even get a chance to eat, myself, and I'm loosing weight! Tell me, Mr. Pepys, how can I get my feelings across to him? I don't want to just get up and leave, being a loyal sidekick and all, but I've just about had it with this whole situation!
~Fed-Up Sidekick

Dear Fed-Up Sidekick,
Tell your hero how you feel and make sure he knows you're telling him this as a friend. Make sure he knows the importance of his health to you and your comrades and how he needs to take better care of himself because you can't do everything. Also, you might consider finding him a nice girl to look after him. It's well known that heroes with women to return to are less likely to act rash in the heat of battle.
Sincerely, Samuel Pepys

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